Using your Hot Tub in the Fall

Out here in the Pacific Northwest region, there is nothing more familiar than the soft drizzle of autumn rain. The crisp air calms the heat down to a sizzle and now it is time to watch the foliage turn orange and yellow, have a hot drink and climb into your hot tub. It isn’t only sweater weather this season, it is also the perfect time to use your hot tub in the fall to warmup your fingers and toes from a long and chilly day. Here are some fun fall ideas for your hot tub and things you can do to keep her working smoothly.

Clean and Replace your Filters

A new season is here to remind you to check and clean your filters to make sure everything is running smoothly. You should always clean your filters every season and rinse them weekly for regular maintenance. It is generally recommended to replace your filters every 1 to 2 years. If it has been that long or you find your filters broken, you can put in a request with your local Spa Logic dealer to get replacements.

You also will want to continuously clean your filters about once a month to ultimately keep your water clean and to help your hot tub maintain the right temperature. Here is what you will need and how to get started:

  1. Obtain a water hose, a bucket, a hot tub filter cleaner, and something to stir your cleaner with water.
  2. Make sure your hot tub is turned off and the pumps are not running.
  3. Remove the filters.
  4. Remove any debris found in the filters such as leaves or large dirt particles.
  5. Spray down your filters with the hose.
  6. Fill your bucket with water and pour in the filter cleaner while stirring with your stir utensil. (Check your cleaner bottle for the specific amount you need to add.)
  7. Add the filter into the cleaning solution and water combo. Let it soak overnight.
  8. Rinse the filter thoroughly before putting it back into your hot tub.

Check the Water Temperature

Now that things are cooling down a bit from the hot summer, turn up your hot tub a few degrees. A perfect range is between 100°-102°. Once you have set your temperature, be sure not to change the temperature too often to save costs.

Balance your Water

In order to keep a happy and healthy hot tub, you need to keep its water clean and clear. You should always have a maintenance routine in place for balancing chemicals. Lucky for you, Spa Logic offers free water testing. Bring in a sample of your water and we can test the PH and alkaline levels for you. We can then recommend the chemicals your hot tub needs, how to add, and how much to add.

You can also test the water yourself by obtaining PH test strips. Before testing your water, make sure your water is hot and not cold as this changes the water chemistry. Here are the three things to test for:

  • Total Alkaline Level–Dip your test strip into your hot tub water. It will have a color chart to show you where your water lies on its total alkaline level. Simply match up your test strip color to the chart. You can read the test strip box to know how to read it.
  • PH Level— You can check the PH levels to see how acid or how basic the water is. You want your water to be in a happy medium between acid and basic as to keep your water looking crystal clear and damage free to your hot tub parts. For more information about balancing your PH levels read
  • Calcium Level–The third thing to look for is the calcium level. For your non-saltwater spa, you want the calcium level to be a bit on the higher side. You can check your owners manual to see what level your hot tub should be at.

Now its time to go to your local dealer to get the sanitizers your hot tub needs. You can bring in the test strips and let your local dealer help you find what your hot tub needs or you can test your own water at home.

Another quick way to clear your water when it looks cloudy or foamy is shocking your water.

Invite your Friends over and Drink Hot Apple Cider

Sharing is caring and this is certainly the time of month to get cozy and share your hot tub with friends and family. Invite them over for some hot apple cider and enjoy some friendly conversation to go with your steamy hot tub and the warm colored leaves around you.


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