How to Remove Spa Suds

How to Remove Spa Suds

Learn how to quickly and easily prevent and remove spa suds/foaming right away. The first step is understanding that spa suds are caused by an imbalance in your spa’s water chemicals called the PH and total alkalinity levels. It is important to check your levels once or twice a week and to add the proper chemicals to balance your water. Of course, there are other helpful spa chemicals specially designed to get rid of spa foaming immediately when you are in a tight pinch to have clear water. Here is an easy breakdown on what to do if your spa is foaming:


  1. Check your PH and total alkalinity levels
  2. Add the proper chemicals
  3. Enjoy a balanced and clean spa

Normal PH and Total Alkalinity Levels

Firstly, you need to always have total alkalinity and PH level test strips, which you can find at your local spa dealer. All you have to do is dip the stick into your spa’s water and wait 5 seconds for a color to appear. Match the color with the chart on the strips box or bottle.

How to Remove Spa Suds
  • Total alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm
  • PH should be between 7.4-7.6

You can purchase the correct chemicals at your local spa dealer to either increase or decrease your total alkalinity and PH levels if you need. It is as easy as that!

How to Balance your Water

Head to your local spa dealer to get the necessary total alkalinity and PH increasers and decreasers. Your experts can help you find exactly what you need. Once you get home, begin adding little by little of the chemicals to your water. Read the bottle’s label or ask your experts how much to add to your water. Wait at least 6 hours before you test your water again to check and make sure the levels are back on track. If so, your hot tub is ready to use again!

Extra Help to Keep the Suds Out

How to Remove Spa Suds

For fast and easy help, you can essentially shock your hot tub water to return back to normal. Spa Logic sells the HASA Hi-Temps Spa Foam Out. It reduces your suds right away. All your spa needs is a small squirt of this defoamer and poof its ready for use. You can reuse this product as often as you wish. However, don’t mistake it for replacing your regular spa treatments like balancing your PH and total alkalinity. You still need to do regular maintenance and if you do, you shouldn’t have an issue with your spa foaming up. For more information about regular hot tub maintenance, read our How to Maintain your Hot Tub article.

Have any other questions about hot tubs or Spa Logic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to help find answers fast.


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