How To Buy
a Hot Tub

A Step By Step Guide to Purchasing Your First Hot Tub

Discover ultimate relaxation and well-being with our premium hot tubs. At Spa Logic, we understand the myriad benefits of hot tub ownership. Our hot tubs provide a luxurious escape from the stresses of everyday life, promoting physical and mental rejuvenation. When you choose Spa Logic as your hot tub dealer, you gain access to exceptional customer service, expert installation, and a wide range of models to suit your needs. Contact us today and start experiencing the joy of relaxation and wellness in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Schedule a Site Consultation

At Spa Logic, we believe that every hot tub installation should be a tailored and stress-free experience. That’s why we offer a complimentary site consultation service to ensure that your new hot tub fits perfectly into your space and aligns with your unique requirements. But what exactly is a site survey, and what can you expect during this crucial step in the hot tub acquisition process?

What is a Site Survey?

A site survey, also known as a site inspection, is a comprehensive assessment conducted by our expert team before the installation of your new hot tub. It’s an opportunity for us to get a clear understanding of your outdoor space, assess any potential challenges, and make sure your vision for the perfect hot tub oasis becomes a reality. Here’s what you can expect during a site consultation with us:

1. Space Evaluation: We’ll carefully examine the area where you plan to install your hot tub. This includes measuring the available space, noting any obstacles, and assessing the terrain. We’ll make sure your chosen location is suitable for the hot tub’s size and weight.

2. Foundation Assessment: The stability and level of the ground are essential for a successful installation. We’ll check the foundation and recommend any necessary adjustments or preparations to ensure a solid base for your hot tub.

3. Accessibility: We’ll consider the path to your chosen location, ensuring there’s ample access for the delivery of your hot tub. If necessary, we’ll discuss options for overcoming any access challenges.

4. Utility Connections: Hot tubs require access to electricity and water. We’ll identify the closest utility connections and discuss how to ensure a seamless hookup during installation.

5. Safety and Regulations: We’ll inform you about local building codes and safety regulations that may apply to your hot tub installation, ensuring compliance with all necessary requirements.

6. Customization Options: If you have specific ideas for the placement of your hot tub, we’ll explore customization options to make your vision a reality. From privacy screens to deck integration, we can discuss how to personalize your hot tub space.

By scheduling a site consultation with us, you can make an informed decision and have peace of mind that your hot tub installation will be a smooth and successful process. Our team is committed to helping you create the ultimate hot tub experience, tailored to your needs and desires.

Contact us today to book your site survey, and let’s embark on the journey to your dream hot tub oasis.

Step 2: Site Consultation Guide

While every homeowner’s situation is unique, and a site survey is essential for determining the ideal spa location, there are some general guidelines to consider, particularly in terms of privacy and maintenance. These guidelines can serve as a starting point for your planning process, and you can further discuss them with a Spa Logic expert during your site survey:

  • Consider the level of privacy you desire in your spa area.
  • Evaluate the amount of sunlight the area receives throughout the day.
  • Ensure that your spa location is easily accessible from your home.
  • Consider the nearest bathroom.
  • Ensure that the chosen location has adequate drainage to prevent water-related issues and maintenance concerns.
  • Check the availability of necessary utilities like electricity and water.
  • Use a licensed electrician.
  • Consider the prevailing wind direction and weather conditions in your area.
  • Think about the view and scenery from your spa.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient space around the spa for maintenance and servicing.
  • Discuss the design and integration options with a Spa Logic expert to create a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement.
  • Good ventilation will be needed for indoor installations.

Step 3: Choosing your Hot Tub

Ultimately, the perfect hot tub brand is the one that aligns with your needs, preferences, and budget, offering a product that suits your lifestyle and promises years of enjoyment. Our hot tub experts are here to assist you every step of the way and can help you decide which hot tub fits your budget, home, and lifestyle. 

Visit our showroom in Beaverton and bring your family and bathing suits! You are welcome to test out sitting in different hot tubs with and without water to see what is the most comfortable for you and your family. It’s always a good idea to try out a hot tub before purchasing just as you would try out laying on a bed at the mattress firm before buying your mattress. As always, you should be confident in knowing you will love your hot tub.

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