Delivery, Moving & Extraction Services

Wherever you go, your Hot Tub goes with you.

We outreach to a team of experts who will offer full delivery services of hot tubs and swim spas. This includes the following:

  • Deliver your new hot tub from our store to your home
  • Transport from home to home if you are moving
  • Extract or remove old hot tubs from your home for a small fee and then install your new hot tub
  • Deliver your hot tub or swim spa to your location anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours on delivery day
  • Provide you with full informative tutorial on the unit including the startup instructions for your particular brand
  • Provide you with a video tutorial explaining how to start taking care of your hot tub such as how to fill it up or explaining the various toggles of your hot tub

We will put you in contact with a team who will accommodate any delivery services you need. The purchase of your hot tub includes our delivery services. We will make a pre call to go over the entire plan with you before installation day of your hot tub. (We will arrange your delivery service after your hot tub purchase.)

Where We Deliver

Our delivery is within a 50 mile radius from our stores. There is an additional mileage charge traveling farther than 50 miles away from the store locations. Our general service area is from Olympia, Washington to Salem, Oregon and from Central, Oregon to the Coast.

How We Deliver

We use many different methods to safely deliver your hot tub or swim spa to your home. Our team will make sure your hot tub is placed right where you want it. In addition, we will install any accessories that you need with your hot tub on site such as building the steps or handrails into your hot tub and installing the cover and cover lifter.

One of our installation methods is using a crane to get your hot tub delivered to you no matter where you live.

If you need a free site consultation at your home before you buy your new hot tub, read more on our In-Home Consultation page. For more information about buying a hot tub, read our beginners guide to buying your first hot tub article. To learn more about your hot tub, our services, and more read our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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