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Here at Spa Logic, we offer top-end, quality hot tubs and wellness swim spas. We sell 4 different hot tub brands: Clearwater SpasPacific SpasStrong Spas, and Starlight Spas. We are a FULL SERVICE dealer, meaning we will not only help you pick out your customized hot tub, but we will also install it for you. If you already have a hot tub, we do repairs, water testing, parts requests, and trade-ins. We are here for you for whatever hot tub or swim spa service you need from the moment you step into our doors through the rest of your hot tub ownership.

Clearwater Spas puts the CLEARity back into your spa’s water. This northwest made hot tub includes many different features that puts you, your family, and friend’s minds at ease. Designed to allow you to relax and soak in crystal clear water, Clearwater Spas offers their exclusive feature of a Total Purity System (TPS).


Clearwater's Total Purity System

Clearwater Spas is the only brand that provides a unique water care system that gives your water that lasting clear feeling 24/7. 4 different components combine to keep your water perfectly clear:

Stage 1 copper/silver ionization system: these happy and healthy positively charged ions attract the bad, negatively charged bacteria and algae cells to kill them. The dead cells clump together and are emptied out of the hot tub through the filter. This action reduces the need for chemicals as it is a more natural way to rid of unwanted substances.

Stage 2 magnetic field: this is another natural system to purify your hot tub. Magnetic fields polarize the water molecules to positively charge them, giving you that silky, smooth feeling. This separates particles like dirt, dead skin, lotions, and body oils from your water and is then discarded in the filtration system.

Stage 3 UVC sanitizer: water passes through ultraviolet sterilization. This sanitizes the water in EPA-approved devices.

Stage 4 ozone oxidizer: ozone is a type of gas that passes through the water to kill pathogens, microorganisms, and organics, and breaks down chloramines by oxidation.

Other Fantastic Features

  • Multicolored LED lighting
  • Adjustable, massage jets
  • Foot Jets
  • Digital and Touchscreen controls
  • Ozone
  • Stereo System
  • Waterfall features (with LED lighting)
  • Decorated lighted cabinet
  • Cup Coasters (with LED lighting)
  • Lighted Bistro Table
  • Plug & Play
  • Air Control Valves

Resort Series

Beachcraft Series

Northwest Series

Evergreen Series


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