A Guide to Understanding your Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub jets are one of the most important features you should understand and invest your money and time in. If you take a look at Spa Logic’s hot tub inventory, you will notice there are several kinds of jets. How can you distinguish between these jets? Which ones are right for you? How do they work? These are all good questions to know the answers to before buying a hot tub or even getting to know your current hot tub better. Ultimately, your jets are made to relieve aching or sore muscles and to increase your relaxation experience. To further acquaint yourself with your future hot tub, you can come by one of our store locations or contact us and get a closer look!

What you Need to Know about your Hot Tub’s Jets

How do your jets operate? Essentially, your hot tub water flows through powerful pumps and mixes with outside air to push out reused, hot water:

  1. Recycled water from your hot tub flows through a filtration system and then moves through a pump towards the jet opening.
  2. Air valves allow outside air to compress with the water and is then heated.
  3. The pump, which controls the force or power of the water, then pushes the water out the jet.

What are the Different Types of Jets?

Spa Logic offers a wide variety of different kinds and combinations of jets. You can choose from ClearwaterPacificStarlight , or Tuff spas. Here is a list of some of the different varieties of jets, these ones specifically coming from Clearwater, Spa Logic carries:

Massage jets

Focus on the back: the image on the left shows a spinner jet that massages the back area using a “kneading” effect. The image on the right shows a tri-swirl master jet that also massages the back area.

Hot Tub Jet
Hot Tub Jet

Focus on the feet: the image below shows a master jet that targets the foot area.

Hot Tub Jet

Focus on the back and feet: the image on the left shows a tri-swirl, master jet placed by both the feet and back area. The image in the middle shows a 5″ directional flow jet that targets the larger back and feet muscles. The image on the right shows another 5″ directional flow jet that also targets the larger back and feet muscles.

Hot Tub Jet
Hot Tub Jet
Hot Tub Jet

Focus on neck, shoulders, and hips: both images below are 3″ directional flow jets that massage the neck, shoulders, and hips.

Hot Tub Jet
Hot Tub Jet

Focus on legs, arms, wrists, and hands: both images below are 2″ directional flow jets that massage the legs, arms, wrists, and hands.

Hot Tub Jet
Hot Tub Jet

Adjustable jets

Adjustable jets are jets you can rotate to get a fuller, 360-degree angle. They are great to maneuver so you can point directly on a specific part of your muscle that is giving you pain.

Air jets

Air from the outside flows through the filtration system, combines with the water, and then pumps out of the jet. This gives a gentle, bubbly effect.

Volcano jets

A volcano jet is a larger jet at the bottom of the hot tub. They exude a large and forceful amount of water to the top of the hot tub. They are powerful jets that you can place your legs or feet over for a strong, massage effect. They are great for post-recovery after a strenuous activity.

River jets

River jets are for swim spas and are placed at the front of the spa to create a river-like stream for resistance. This resistance training is to mimic swimming up a stream.

What about Jet Size, Number, and Placement?

The size, number, and placement of your jets matter when it comes to getting the perfect massage. Overall, it is best to have a variety of different types, sizes, and placements of jets. These varieties have different functions and it’s important to get the most out of your hot tub experience by getting the most out of your jets.

Jet size

Our hot tub’s jet sizes are specially designed to suit different muscle types. For example, large jet sizes target larger muscle groups such as the back, the quads, the hamstrings, and the feet. Smaller size jets massage the smaller muscle groups such as your shoulders and arms. In general, your jet sizes are proportional to muscle sizes.

Jet number

In this case, more does not necessarily mean better. The number of jets is going to depend on the size of your hot tub and how many people it sits. The more seats in the hot tub, the more jets you will need. When looking at a hot tub, look at how the jets are distributed throughout the hot tub. Think less about the number and more about a higher distribution that will hit more muscle areas.

Jet placement

This is an important factor to consider in hot tub jets. Lucky for you, Spa Logic sells hot tubs that are all about calculating the perfect spots to place each jet. Jets are placed exactly where you need them. It is important to target multiple areas of your body for massages, not just the back.

If you’d like to learn more about the different kinds of hot tub jets we offer, fill out the form below, give us a call , or visit one of our store locations. We would love the opportunity to share our hot tub expertise with you!


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